Spin Linen Now Serving the Greater Des Moines Area

Omaha-based healthcare and hospitality service leader Spin Linen is expanding their services beyond Nebraska, now including Des Moines, Iowa. As their service routes were already making way towards central Iowa, the business saw a need for a provider in that market.

Des Moines has a growing healthcare and restaurant market, creating a lot of opportunity for full-service linen management businesses like Spin. CEO and owner of Spin Linen Angie Ringling said, “it only made sense to expand Spin’s service locations. We found a gap in a key market, and we’re eager to fill it.”

Along with healthcare and hospitality, a significant portion of Spin Linen’s business is managing linens for the food and beverage industry. Spin Linen currently has active partnerships with both Iowa and Omaha Restaurant Associations, as well as the Iowa Association of Ambulatory Centers. The Spin team plans to develop more partnerships as they expand their services throughout Iowa.

The linen rental and management company has high hopes for the expansion. Spin is looking forward to creating new routes for service representatives, and pursuing work with customers in the Des Moines area.

About Spin Linen

Spin Linen is a leading linen management company servicing the healthcare, restaurant, and hospitality industry in Omaha, Nebraska metro and surrounding areas. Trusted locally since 1932, Spin offers inventory management, pick-up, cleaning, and on-time delivery to ensure staff, patients and customers receive the assistance they need. Learn more about available services at www.spinlinen.com.