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Spin Linen is known for our industry-leading certifications, strict adherence to quality measures, and unique healthcare product lines that appeal to the aesthetic of your medical clinic. Spin care services will enhance your patients' experience with crisp linens and sheets, fluffy towels and higher-end scrubs. Because sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference.

Our clients include retain and ambulatory clinics, rehabilitation and physical therapy practices, surgery centers, and other specialty outpatient clinics. The Spin care team goes above and beyond to give our healthcare customers a product no one else can offer. Want your scrubs pressed? We can do that. Want a specialty plush towel that no other healthcare facility has? We can do that, too. Spain adapts our processing to fit any custom needs you have, to help you stand apart from the competition. And we do this while keeping your costs in line.

With rising costs to healthcare facilities, we understand the need to keep your linen usage in check. We know your product needs can vary, and with Spin care linen management, we adjust your inventory based on season or demand to help keep your costs in alignment.

Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council Certified - Spin Linen

As one of only two HLAC-certified linen facilities in Nebraska and the only one that specializes in rental, we take healthcare linen processing very seriously.

Spin linens and uniforms are prepared, washed, sanitized, packaged, distributed, and thoroughly documented according to HLAC standards, which helps hospitals and healthcare facilities reduce cross-contamination and increase patient safety.

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“We have worked with Spin since 2012 and the staff has always been very adaptable to changing needs.  They make sure that the inventory is managed well and always respond quickly when we need something right away.  They make sure that we are adjusting for our busy seasons and re-adjusting when items are not needed. They have been a great partner to work with."

-Jim Kontras, Lincoln Surgical Hospital

“We feel confident in recommending Spin Linen as a leading provider of surgical scrubs in the Metro area. Their product knowledge and attention to detail are important aspects, and have resulted in our long-term relationship with Spin for all our surgical scrub needs. Spin is known to us for their reliability, professionalism, and ease of work-ability.”

-Leslie Voight, Administrator, Bergan Mercy Surgery Center

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Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council Certified - Spin Linen

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