Experience a Deeper Clean with Microfiber Towel and Mop Rentals

In almost any industry, having clean towels handy is a necessity. Especially within the healthcare industry, having hygienically clean microfiber products, such as towels and mops, at your disposal is crucial. Discover the many benefits of using these products, as well as working with a rental program through Spin Linen.

Benefits of Microfiber Products in Healthcare

Microfiber products, in general, provide superior cleaning and infection control. With smaller fibers, these products can capture and eliminate more germs than regular cloth cleaning products, making them ideal for the healthcare industry. Here are additional ways microfiber products benefit you:

  • Reusable and environmentally friendly, and our laundering process extends their usage, keeping them out of landfills.
  • Improve the overall health and safety of your facility.
  • Highly durable and built to withstand the demands of healthcare facility maintenance.
  • Extremely absorbent, so you can get the job done quicker without using up your stock.

Healthcare facilities by nature require heavy-duty maintenance and cleaning, which means you need to be equipped with heavy-duty cleaning products like microfiber mops and towels from Spin Linen!

Microfiber Towels

microfiber towels

Microfiber Mops

microfiber pads

Laundry Process

Since microfibers are highly durable, they have unique processing requirements unlike other textile items. This means we use a unique laundering process, ensuring you are getting thoroughly and hygienically clean materials every time.

Soil Sorting

Our mops and towels arrive in protective bags, and no matter what we separate them from other textiles. It's important to note that we never mix microfiber products with other healthcare textiles like sheets, towels, blankets, etc., as textiles have different wash formulas and drying cycles.


The washing process ensures two things - the microfiber products are free of pathogens and that they perform as intended for their life cycle. To ensure this, the proper washer, correct load size, and wash formula are vital and very strictly adhered to.


In order to make sure that all microfiber cleaning products are completely dry, towels and mops are dried separately.

Inspecting and Packaging

Once the drying process is complete, our Spin Care inspectors check the microfiber products for stains, residue, chemical or thermal damage, and more. If it is noted that any products are not up to our high standards, it will be removed and replaced on the spot.

Spin Linen's Commitment to Clean

As members of the Iowa Association of Ambulatory Surgery Centers and holders of the Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC) certification, we understand the needs and the demands of the industry. Did you know that we are one of only two HLAC-certified linen facilities in Nebraska and the only one that specializes in textile rental?

When you choose us, you can be assured that you receive the best products for your healthcare facility. Contact us today to get started!


“We have worked with Spin since 2012 and the staff has always been very adaptable to changing needs.  They make sure that the inventory is managed well and always respond quickly when we need something right away.  They make sure that we are adjusting for our busy seasons and re-adjusting when items are not needed. They have been a great partner to work with."

-Jim Kontras, Lincoln Surgical Hospital

“We feel confident in recommending Spin Linen as a leading provider of surgical scrubs in the Metro area. Their product knowledge and attention to detail are important aspects and have resulted in our long-term relationship with Spin for all our surgical scrub needs. Spin is known to us for their reliability, professionalism, and ease of work-ability.”

-Leslie Voight, Administrator, Bergan Mercy Surgery Center

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