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Engineer Scholarship with Spin Linen

Are you eager to learn the ins and outs of engineering while gaining valuable hands-on experience? At Spin Linen, we have the perfect opportunity for you!

Unique Engineering Internship Opportunity

Unlike other scholarship programs that focus on a single specialty, our internship provides a well-rounded experience. From mastering electrical circuits to exploring plumbing and steam systems, you’ll gain a deep understanding of the diverse facets of engineering. This cross-disciplinary approach sets you apart, equipping you with a versatile skill set today’s employers demand.

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Advantages that Set You Apart

With this scholarship, you’ll enjoy access to industry insights and emerging technologies. Through connections with leading organizations like TRSA and CSCNetwork, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with seasoned professionals, discovering diverse career paths that match up with your own unique interests and aspirations.

The benefits extend beyond the walls at Spin. We have connections in places such as Chicago where you can continue to learn. We’re here to not only educate but also inspire - because your journey with us is about more than just earning your degree.

Hands-On Training We Offer

Industrial laundry equipment that is all-encompassing of the ELME 2060 – Mechanical Power Systems course

ELME 2070 – Hydraulics and Pneumatics – fluid power hydraulic and pneumatic – identification of components and controls

ELME 1212 – Motor and Machine controls – all applicable

MFGT 1000 – Introduction to Process and Power Operations

MFGT 1030 – Introduction to Quality and Continuous Improvement

MFGT 1100 – Process Instrumentation and Control

MFGT 1250 – Basic Electricity for Manufacturing, Power, and  Process

MFGT 1302 – Stationary Engineering I – learn about boilers and apply for a 3rd grade Engineer License

MFGT 2310 – Facilities Operation I

WELD 1262 – Welding – Basic Welding

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Investing in Your Future

At Spin, we believe that your success is our investment. That’s why our scholarship program covers the cost of your tuition, one semester at a time, ensuring you can focus on your studies without the burden of financial stress.

Ready to unlock your full engineering potential? Apply today and discover the endless possibilities that await you at Spin Linen.

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