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Spin Linen Now Serving the Greater Des Moines Area

Omaha-based healthcare and hospitality service leader Spin Linen is expanding their services beyond Nebraska, now including Des Moines, Iowa. As their service routes were already making way towards central Iowa, the business saw a need for a provider in that market. Des Moines has a growing healthcare and restaurant market, … Read more

Spin Linen Receives HLAC Accreditation

Spin Linen Receives HLAC Accreditation Our dedication to this certification demonstrates our commitment to excellence in quality and procedures. We are proud to say this has been a part of our culture for over 7 years now. We are invested in making sure the HLAC standards are upheld for our … Read more

Introducing Micropoly Sheets

Introducing Micropoly Sheets This 100% polyester sheet is the latest product that has added softness that first generation polyester sheeting products just didn’t quite product. In addition to the benefits of longer life, and reduced shrinkage and thinning over time, this sheet retains whiteness better than the traditional cotton/poly blends … Read more

Create Your Perfect Setting With Unique Napkins

Create Your Perfect Setting with Unique Napkins Spin Linen has seen the trends for customers wanting more napkin options to help create that memorable experience. We have responded by offering unique and fun napkins. Want stripes? We can do that. Want a different textured pattern? We can do that, too! … Read more

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