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Life Without Linens

The Important Role of High-Quality Linens

Linens are an essential part of our lives, whether we realize it or not. From the bed linens we sleep on in hotels and healthcare facilities, to the table linens we eat on and use at restaurants. Often, it’s not until we run out of linens that we realize we … Read more

Inventory Mangement

Zero Inventory Management Will Cost You

One of the biggest challenges that businesses face when it comes to managing their operations is the lack of clarity around their linen inventory management needs. Even if you know what your linen inventory numbers should look like, it’s unlikely you have the time to handle all the details. This … Read more

New Year, New Spin Cycle Blog Header

New Year, New Improvements

Customer experience matters, especially when it comes to restaurants and healthcare facilities. These are two of the main industries Spin Linen serves, and for 2023 we have big plans in place to improve our customer experience. Over the last year and even in the coming months, we have made several … Read more

Des Moines Spin Linen Blog Header

Taking a Spin with Des Moines, Iowa!

Feeling stuck with your current linen provider? Wishing you had more of a connection or feeling supported by your provider? Look no further than your local Spin Linen service!  While Spin Linen has been around for over 90 years, did you know that for the last 3 years we’ve expanded … Read more

Spin Linen is Here!

Don’t Be Afraid – Spin Makes Linen Rentals Simple and Easy

There are plenty of things that can be considered your worst nightmare: getting stuck in an elevator, deleting hours worth of work, or coming face to face with a large spider.  For business owners, the “worst nightmare” usually translates into insufficient funds in a bank account, not having the correct … Read more

Spin Linen Community Blog Header

Putting a Spin on Community

Putting a Spin on Community A business doesn’t stay around for 90 years by keeping to themselves. At Spin Linen we’re in the business of providing clean uniforms, linens, and products to members of the hospital, restaurant, and hotel industries. We pride ourselves on servicing these vital businesses. Strong communities … Read more

Money Saving Tips from Spin

Money Saving Tips from Spin Linen

Save Money, Spend Smarter When you own or manage a business, saving money is important. You want to be able to use your finite resources to pay your hard-working employees and invest back into your business. The last thing you want to spend your money on is things you don’t … Read more

Tips to stay cool blog header

How We Stay Cool All Summer Long at Spin

How We Stay Cool During the Hottest Time of the Year Keeping cool in the summer is important, not only for the comfort of employees, but for their health. Heat rash, heat exhaustion or even a heat stroke are just a few of the health risks employees face if they … Read more

Spin Linen 'Provide the Best Experience with Spin' Blog Header

It’s All About the Experience

Take Excellent Customer Experience for a Spin Have you ever gone to a restaurant and been seated at a table with stained linens or dirty napkins? No matter how good the food is, you will always remember that first impression. If your customer’s dining experience gets off to a messy … Read more

Spin Linen Blog Headers Core Values

Core Values at Spin Linen

Company Culture Keeps Us Spinning Spin Linen is an ever-evolving work-in-progress.  We are constantly trying to grow and improve – not only our company but our company culture and core values as well. We are a team of people that are passionately curious and want to make things better for … Read more