New Year, New Improvements

Customer experience matters, especially when it comes to restaurants and healthcare facilities. These are two of the main industries Spin Linen serves, and for 2023 we have big plans in place to improve our customer experience. Over the last year and even in the coming months, we have made several improvements and upgrades to our facilities, including:

  • New dryers –  ensuring efficiency and top notch quality
  • New washers – 165lb machines to allow us more flexibility 
  • New and improved small piece process – increasing efficiency and longevity of smaller textiles like napkins
  • New spread feeder – helps improve tablecloth and sheet quality and productivity
  • New delivery trucks – upgrades to guarantee the safest vehicles for our team to spend their days in

Happy Employees, Happy Customers

At Spin, not only do we take care of facilities and equipment, we take care of our employees! We work hard to create a positive and healthy work environment where everyone on our team feels appreciated and important. Working hard to improve our employee experience will make for happier customers! 

Our pledge to our customers is that we will always continue to improve processes and improve Spin Linen to be the best linen service provider we can be! With every customer we work with, we follow the 3 Ps:

  1. Product – We always provide you and your team with the best quality linen and textile products. Our laundering process thoroughly cleans each product without compromising quality and durability. 
  2. Partnership – With Spin, we value your business like our own. You will have the same route driver who will get to know your business needs, keeping you stocked with everything you need to keep business running smoothly without you having to ask.
  3. Performance – Our commitment to providing you with the best service means your deliveries will always be complete and on time. If we ever make a mistake or you have issues, give us a call and talk to a real person who can help resolve the problem right away. 

Our Ultimate Goals 

In order to move forward, we have to have steps in place that will lead us to our ultimate goal of improving the customer experience. We want to make our customer experience smooth and enjoyable so that when an issue arises it’s solved with ease. 

Here are our two goals in place that we will implement with our staff and will change the course of Spin Linen for 2023! 

  1. Our staff will be trained and capable to solve problems for customers when they need them.
  2. New Standard Operating Procedures for our team and insuring they’ll be trained, followed, and reviewed by leadership. 

We are not content with mediocrity and will continue to be the best linen provider and management company in the Omaha and Des Moines areas (and beyond!). 

Customer Satisfaction Always Comes First

Spin Linen is dedicated to looking for ways to improve and satisfy our customers. We will always strive to go above and beyond the typical customer experience. 

Looking at changing linen providers in 2023? Look into Spin Linen!