Taking a Spin with Des Moines, Iowa!

Feeling stuck with your current linen provider? Wishing you had more of a connection or feeling supported by your provider? Look no further than your local Spin Linen service! 

While Spin Linen has been around for over 90 years, did you know that for the last 3 years we’ve expanded our services to Des Moines? We are committed to providing you with the best products that can suit all of your needs to keep your business running smoothly. Whether you are in the hospitality, food and beverage, or healthcare business we have you covered! Spin Linen takes the time to get to know you, and we will help save you money in any way we can. We value customer service and good communication. 

Spin Linen isn’t afraid of hard work or getting our hands dirty. We are professionals at knowing how to get clean, which is why you can trust us to help keep your business spic and span!

Why Choose Spin?

We have been serving many restaurants, healthcare, and hospitality business in Des Moines and surrounding areas for years. We are locally operated and trusted within the community and are always looking for ways to give back by getting to know you and your business. We’ll work together as a team to ensure your customers are satisfied when coming to your business. Leave the cleaning to the professionals!

Become a Part of our Spin Family! 

With over 90 years of experience, customer service is our specialty. We love building relationships and long-lasting connections with our clients! When you team up with Spin, you’re a part of the family. 

Here are some testimonials from our clients:

“We have been with Spin for over 7 years and they currently serve 5 of our restaurants in the Omaha area. They are always there when we fall short of something and are also very timely with weekly deliveries. It’s comforting to know I never have to worry about running out of anything. They are also very quick to deliver on short notice and adapt to any changes we require. It is nice to know I never have to worry about my linens with Spin!” -Anthony Hitchcock.

“As an independent business, it’s really nice to have a company like Spin Linen that legitimately cares about their customers. I’m not a huge client, it’s just my one restaurant, but Spin has always treated me like an important account. I’ve dealt with many linen services through the years and Spin is the first one that I would actually recommend.”  -Chris Hoffmann.

We can’t wait to build more relationships with the community of Des Moines!

Don’t be Afraid to Get Dirty

Don’t be afraid to get dirty when Spin Linen has your back! When you partner with Spin, you aren’t just getting an excellent linen provider, you’re gaining a business that cares about your customers as much as you do. 

We’ll work together as a team to ensure your business runs as smoothly and effectively as possible. Contact us today and get started!