Money Saving Tips from Spin Linen

Save Money, Spend Smarter

When you own or manage a business, saving money is important. You want to be able to use your finite resources to pay your hard-working employees and invest back into your business. The last thing you want to spend your money on is things you don’t need or have too much of.

At Spin Linen, we give you the linen quality you deserve, and help you stay on budget. We know that you are busy running a business, so sometimes things slip through the cracks and you lose track of how much you have vs. what you actually need. When it comes to your linen rental program, here are a few easy tips that will help you save money!

Money Saving Tips From Spin

  • Bar Towels – these items tend to get over-used if not managed. Employees have a tendency to grab a fresh towel, do a quick wipe down, and throw them in the soil bin. Create a “daily usage need” - a set amount of towels that can be used per day based on how busy the business is. When the staff knows “this is all they get,” they tend to use them more wisely.
  • Aprons – not only can this item be over-used by changing multiple times per shift, but they tend to walk out at the end of the shift with their wearer. Ask your staff to stick to one apron per shift (unless you have major saturation or soiling) and remind them to be sure to throw them in the bag marked for aprons only before leaving for the day.
  • Set up separate bag stands to keep aprons, napkins, and bar towels separated in the kitchen. Because this significantly cuts down on sorting these soiled items when they get back to the plant, we are prepared to offer a 3% discount for customers that consistently keep these items separated for us.
  • Tablecloths – help us help you by checking your stock regularly to make sure your par levels are set correctly. While we try to be proactive in getting the inventories adjusted for seasonality, if you are seeing trends where sizes are not being used because of lulls in your demand, contact our Service Manager, Jeff Ellis.
  • Chef Coats – if you are experiencing turnover in your staff, increases or decreases in your staffing, please make sure to reach out with those changes right away so we can adjust your inventory accordingly.
  • Don’t get caught up with an overflowing linen closet! Remember to check individual rooms for excess inventory on a quarterly basis to make sure that you don’t have too much product sitting around. If you find that you have an excess of items (and maybe it’s some but not all), we can make changes to those item levels to account for seasonality.

Want a Linen Provider That Cares?

We know that managing inventory, making sure staff doesn’t overuse or lose a product can be difficult. That's why we have dedicated representatives that can help you keep track of what you use and how much inventory you have, ultimately saving you money. Take the next step and save with Spin Linen, contact us here to learn more!