How We Stay Cool All Summer Long at Spin

How We Stay Cool During the Hottest Time of the Year

Keeping cool in the summer is important, not only for the comfort of employees, but for their health. Heat rash, heat exhaustion or even a heat stroke are just a few of the health risks employees face if they get too hot. That’s why at Spin Linen, we make sure to provide our employees with the materials and initiative they need to stay cool and comfortable all year long! Check out our tips to stay cool in the summer:

We Have the Coolest Employees All Year Round!

One of the first steps leadership should take for their employees is to make sure the uniforms are appropriate for the temperature and tasks. Because of the presence of dryers, it can get warm in our facility, which is why we do everything we can to help keep our employees cool, starting with uniforms. Fabric is one of the most important factors. As a rule of thumb, you generally want something that will allow for ventilation and the ability to wick moisture away from the body. The top three most common fabrics are cotton, polyester, and nylon. 


While cotton is one of the most breathable fabrics,  it does tend to absorb moisture rather than wick it away. 


This is a popular fabric for athletic clothing due to it’s lightweight and breathable feel, plus it’s water repellant! The downside to this fabric is that it tends to retain odor, which can lead to bacteria growth. 


Often used in athletic wear due to its moisture wicking abilities, nylon dries quickly after being exposed to sweat or moisture. However, its breathability depends on how it was made or blended with other materials, and it also tends to retain odor. 

Like many things, your fabric choice depends on your industry, where your employees work, and several other factors.

Temperature Control Goes Beyond Uniforms

While the proper uniforms make a huge difference, it’s not the only thing we do to make sure our employees feel their best while on the job. Other tips to keep your team cool in the hot summer temperatures include: 

  1. Stay hydrated! Regular water breaks are essential for each and every person on your team.
  2. Take breaks! Encourage employees to take their breaks in cooler areas such as the air conditioning or the shade, away from the warm machinery.
  3. Eat! Make sure your employees are eating enough throughout their shifts.
  4. Use Protection! If employees are outside, make sure to apply sunscreen or wear protective gear like hats and sunglasses.

In addition to having practices that keep employees cool, it is also imperative to have an emergency action plan for if someone does experience a heat related illness.

Work With a Provider that Cares

Working in warm environments, indoors or outdoors does not need to be overwhelming. It can be efficient and safe as long as leadership and employees take the proper precautions to stay cool. At Spin, we work hard to make sure our team stays safe, healthy, and happy while on the job.

Are you looking for a linen provider that goes above and and beyond for their employees and clients? Take us for a Spin today!