Kitchen and Bar Towel Rental Programs

Kitchen and Bar Towel Rental Programs

Your Restaurant Is More Than Food - It Is Towels Too!

When you are opening your restaurant for the day, it is important to make sure that everything is prepped and ready to serve your guests. On top of meal preparation, it’s important that your team ensures the dining area is clean and the utensils are spotless - that is where your kitchen and bar towels come in. At Spin Linen, we have just the rental program for you!

Save Money with a Kitchen and Bar Towel Rental Program

Having a kitchen and bar towel rental program will save you money and time. Instead of having to constantly replace your towels on your own, we will give you a set of clean towels at each delivery so you will always have the tools you need to keep your restaurant as clean as  possible. When you choose a rental program from Spin Linen, our Spin Dine specialists will handle the laundry, so you can dedicate your time to the areas that matter most to your business.

Kitchen and Bar Towels

As stewards of the food and beverage industry, we get that kitchen and bar towels are a necessity for every restaurant. Spills can happen at any time, and you need cotton bar towels that are built to last. Spin Linen’s cotton bar towels are durable, cleaned and sanitized after every wash, and ready for you when your staff needs them.


According to many hospitality experts, customers notice a safe and clean environment before they look at the menu. Fresh towels from Spin Linen not only contribute to a clean dining environment but also a safe and clean cooking environment. Your chefs will perform at their best when your kitchen is at its cleanest.

Microfiber Towels

Microfiber towels offer superior cleaning ability compared to conventional towels that some restaurants use. The special fibers in our microfiber towels not only trap germs and bacteria but also soak up liquids quickly to help clean up any spills or accidents.

Take Our Kitchen and Bar Towels For A Spin

Having a kitchen and bar towel rental program through Spin Linen will guarantee your kitchen and guest areas are thoroughly cleaned as well as giving you an edge when it comes to polishing glassware. Contact us to take us for a “Spin” today. Your chefs, kitchen staff, and customers will thank you!