Don’t Be Afraid – Spin Makes Linen Rentals Simple and Easy

There are plenty of things that can be considered your worst nightmare: getting stuck in an elevator, deleting hours worth of work, or coming face to face with a large spider. 

For business owners, the “worst nightmare” usually translates into insufficient funds in a bank account, not having the correct products to properly operate your business, or being locked into a contract you don’t want to be in. Frightening, right?! 

Well, before you freak out at your greatest nightmare realized, do yourself a favor and choose Spin Linen. As your local linen rental provider, servicing the Des Moines and Omaha areas, not only is our full-service rental program simple and easy, but it’s far from a nightmare –  it’s a dream come true!

Your Dream Come True: What We Offer at Spin

Since 1932 the team at Spin Linen has been perfecting our business, perfecting our offerings and continually providing customers with high quality products and services. Whether you’re in the restaurant, healthcare or hotel business, we have a product line perfect for your needs. 

When you choose Spin, you’re not only guaranteed clean linens and precise orders but our linen management specialists are dedicated to on time delivery and pick-up. When you’re running a business, the last thing you need to worry about is the timeliness of a delivery service. Isn’t a carefree process why you chose a rental service in the first place?!

We Take the Fear Out of Switching

If you are working with a national linen provider, you know how difficult it can be to get ahold of a real person. Plus with the hidden fees and strict contracts – talk about a nightmare! But you don’t have to be afraid to switch providers – we make it easy for you at Spin. 

When you make the switch, you will be introduced to your dedicated route driver who will be the same at every pickup and drop-off. They will get to know you and your team, what your business’s linen needs are, and then be able to foresee your future needs. Your driver will also help you manage your inventory so not only will you never have too much or too little of anything – you won’t even have to worry about re-ordering.

Spin Linen is Scary Good

Dedicated to our customers in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska, and surrounding communities, as well as Council Bluffs and Des Moines, Iowa, Spin Linen has a proven positive reputation as the leading linen management company servicing healthcare and hospitality industries. With spooky season upon us, save your frights for the fun of Halloween. The only scare we’re giving is scary good service!

Contact us today to make the switch!