Why You Should Rent Your Medical Linens

Maintaining a steady supply of clean, hygienic linens is crucial for any healthcare facility, from hospitals and urgent care clinics to independent care facilities and cosmetic surgery centers. However, managing an in-house laundry operation can be a daunting task, requiring resources and attention away from your core mission of providing patient care. Renting your medical linens offers numerous advantages that can streamline operations, reduce costs, and guarantee a high-quality clean. 

Benefits of Renting Medical Linens 

Cost Efficiency 

Purchasing medical linens involves significant upfront costs. These include the initial purchase, ongoing maintenance and replacement costs due to wear and tear, and the expense of maintaining and operating laundry facilities. Renting eliminates these upfront expenses while providing a more manageable and predictable cost structure. 

Reduced Maintenance Burden

Owning linens means committing to the ongoing maintenance of these items, including regular laundering, repairing, and replacing worn-out linens. This process requires dedicated staff, equipment, and time. With renting, it transfers all linen maintenance to the rental provider, freeing up your staff to focus on core tasks. 

Inventory Management

Managing linen inventory can be challenging, and making sure you always have the right quantity and types of linens available can be a logistical headache. Rental services include inventory management, ensuring you have a steady supply of clean linens without the hassle of tracking and ordering stock. 

Professional Laundry Services

Professional laundry services include comprehensive laundering that follows health and safety standards. This provides linens with a thorough clean, reducing the risk of infection and maintaining a high standard of hygiene. 

Spin’s Professional Process

Our medical linens and scrubs undergo a precise and standardized process. This approach aids healthcare facilities in reducing cross-contamination and significantly enhances patient and staff safety. Here’s how we achieve our clean linens for healthcare facilities: 

Soil Sorting

Our process begins with our soil sorters. They wear protective masks, puncture-resistant gloves, and specially designed clothing that protects against bloodborne and airborne pathogens. 


Once sorted, the linens undergo a specialized 8-module tunnel washing process. To keep everything clean, we wash items together at a high temperature (165°F) to avoid mixing dirty and clean items. 

Plant Protocols

The plant itself adheres to strict hygiene measures. Proper airflow and air handlers are in place to prevent cross-contamination. Ironers operate at 300°F to further ensure a deep clean.

Daily monitoring of temperature guarantees proper sterilization levels. Our staff undergoes ongoing training to uphold these quality standards, and the plant manager regularly checks products for any stains, tears, or rips. 

Post-Wash Packaging

We package the linens carefully after processing to ensure they are clean and hygienic when they reach their destination. 

Truck Loading

Our workers separate dirty and clean linens carefully to prevent any contamination during the loading process. Additionally, we chemically spray the carts used for transferring goods to the trucks daily to provide a thorough sanitization. 

Understanding Your Healthcare Linen Needs

At Spin, we understand the demands of the healthcare industry and listen closely to our customers to provide the products that work best for their facilities and teams. Our goal is to simplify your linen management process by offering a comprehensive range of top-quality linens, including:

  • A line of premium towels for customers seeking a more “hotel-like” experience.
  • Scrubs and patient gowns are made of 100% polyester, which maintains consistent color without fading and wicks away moisture (we use the PeforMAX line by Medline). 
  • 100% polyester sheets that are micro-poly, which are water repellent without sacrificing comfort and softness. 

Commitment to Cleanliness and Safety 

When you partner with Spin Linen, your medical sheets will stay crisp, your scrubs pressed, and your towels always fluffy at no extra cost to you. We’ve been around for over 90 years, so we are aware of the challenges and expectations you face in the medical industry. 

Let the Spin Care team handle the demands of pickup, cleaning, and delivery. Contact us today to get started.