Why Choose Eco-Friendly Linen Rentals

The choices business owners make regarding their suppliers and partners can have a meaningful impact on the environment. An important decision is selecting a linen rental company that shares your values around sustainability. At Spin Linen, we prioritize waste reduction, resource conservation, and greener solutions in all our business decisions. 

The Linen Advantage

Choosing eco-friendly table linens instead of disposable paper products is a simple way to be environmentally friendly. According to a study by Milliken & Company, customers use an average of three paper napkins per meal.

By choosing reusable linen napkins, you’re preventing immense waste from entering landfills. If cloth replaced paper for linen, landfills would decrease by 2,500,000 cubic yards each year. This is equivalent to filling 50 football fields, each 30 feet deep.

Environmentally Conscious Practices

Choose Spin Linen for an environmentally conscious company that prioritizes sustainability in its daily operations and culture. Small changes make a significant difference in sustainability. Our eco-friendly practices include:

Energy Efficiency

  • Replacing all lighting with LEDs throughout our facilities to reduce energy usage.
  • Responsibly managing wastewater through effective treatment and recycling. 

Responsible Sourcing and Partnerships

  • Selectively partnering with suppliers that value sustainability, such as partnering with chemical suppliers that use biodegradable products. 

Reducing Waste

  • Actively working to reduce waste and striving to find new sustainable solutions.
  • Eliminating unnecessary packaging – for example, we recently took the step of reducing our plastic packaging waste. This action alone will save approximately 16,000 pounds of packaging waste from entering landfills annually. Reducing packaging waste saves money for customers. We’re excited to save you money and help our environment!

Partner with Purpose

Sustainability should be an ongoing commitment, not a one-time initiative. When you partner with Spin Linen, you are prioritizing green partners, demonstrating your dedication, and letting customers know you care about the environment. Contact us today to learn more and experience the Spin Linen difference!