Spin Linen: Who We Are

We’re Not Just a Vendor – We’re Your Full-Service Partner in Linen Management.

As one of the leading linen management companies in Nebraska and surrounding areas, we pride ourselves in being a trusted and reliable linen partner since 1932. We continue to grow our company without compromising our high service standards and excellent product quality at a fair price.

We are constantly striving to improve our processes, technology and communication. We pride ourselves on innovation, providing our customers with what they need in this ever-changing world. This requires us to do things more efficiently, more accurately, and with better communication with our customers and our team.

Dedication to customer service seems like a common mission statement among businesses these days. However, many don’t implement proper practices to attain customer satisfaction.  The only way to achieve customer satisfaction is with a team of great people that genuinely care about those they serve. We have built our business by hiring passionate, committed and eager people who are devoted to our customers. Our team has the ability and drive to get issues resolved efficiently, always with our customers’ best interest in mind.

To ensure we can provide our valued customers with great service, we operate on the Entrepreneurial Operating System, or EOS. This system ensures that our employees and company are receiving the tools they need to be successful and operate smoothly. The three main goals of EOS are to ensure that everyone within our business has the same vision, instill focus, discipline and accountability among our team members, and assist our leaders in becoming a cohesive, healthy team. EOS helps our team manage any day-to-day issues we run into, ensuring that they are resolved and don’t negatively impact our services.

Since we are continuously striving for growth and improvement, we promise you that you will receive quality products and the best customer service; no one does it better than Spin Linen.

Our History: Family-Owned and Operated

Spin Linen has been servicing our community for almost 90 years. Our company began solely as a dry cleaning and shirt laundry in downtown Omaha, but evolved into a full-service linen supply business around 1960 when our founders, Gus and Vic Shiro, found that several local food and beverage businesses had a need for table linen service.

In 1979, Del Ringling and his son-in-law Mike Nisker purchased the company from the Shiros and expanded their services to include the hospitality and healthcare industries. During their 25-year tenure, they grew the company and established strong rapport within the community.

Angie Ringling, Del’s daughter, bought the company in 2005, and since then, we’ve served 700+ customers.

Since 1932 we have been serving our community with one mindset: “Don’t give customers a reason to look elsewhere.”  We are your local linen service provider that simply offers more. More diverse products, more services, and more committed and hard-working team members who truly care.

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Spin Linen is fully dedicated to our community. We strive to create strong, mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers. We are proud members of…

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