How Spin Linen Rental Programs Work

Our linen rental programs allow our customers to be in the driver's seat, and we cater towards what you need to make your business successful. For our linen management program, we manage the levels of inventory your business needs, and we bill accordingly to the inventory. To make it easier for customers, we're also adding the ability to access the information online. We also do proper sorting of linens during the wash so different industries are not mixing with each other.

Linen Management Programs for Multiple Industries

Spin Linen services the food & beverage industry, the hotel and hospitality industry, and the healthcare industry. Each industry has their own unique set of requirements and usage for their textile products. Over the years, we've worked with hundreds of local businesses to provide them with exceptionally clean linens, delivered on time with fair and accurate billing.

Food & Beverage, Restaurant Linen Rental Programs

The food & beverage industry includes restaurants, bars, and other businesses like country clubs, banquet centers, and more. Linen needs for restaurants and bars can vary as much as the food they serve, and inventory needs vary.

To start, we meet with your leadership team to review your usage of all linen programs and uniform items and provide our quote based on that information. We deliver initial stock once approved. Then, each week your Spin Representative will monitor your stock of items and replenish as needed. You're invoiced for items used that week. Depending on busy seasons for your establishment, we can increase inventory or provide an additional linen delivery on given weeks.

Learn more about restaurant linen rental here.

Hotel & Hospitality Linen Rental Programs

In the hospitality industry, we work with different types of properties including small boutique hotels, motels, and large hotels. Depending on the size of staff, resources, and of course the number of rooms, a hotel's linen needs can be very different. Our hotel linen programs include a regular stock of hygienically clean bed linens, guest towels, or microfiber cleaning towels, based on the initial inventory needs. We work with your management staff or point person to ensure you always have fresh, clean linens ready for your guests.

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Healthcare Linen Programs

Healthcare linen programs include the mix of products your medical facility needs each and every week. We work with you to understand your patient capacity, adjusted patient bed days each week or month, types of linens for patient rooms, operating rooms, or other specialty areas, all of which impact linen needs. Your medical staff and staffing levels for protective barrier coats, lab coats, and scrubs also drive your linen program.

Each week, or more often if needed, we monitor your inventory of linens and other garments to ensure your hospital or healthcare practice always has the proper inventory as patient care and counts change. Your trained Spain Linen Representative will ensure that hygienically clean and compliant textiles are stocked and always ready for your staff when needed.

All of our healthcare customers can count on consistent deliveries of all linen and textiles, as well as the knowledge of safety for your patients and employees. We offer hospital bed sheets & linens, patient gowns, medical scrub rentals, as well as towel rentals, including microfiber.

Learn more about healthcare linen programs here.

Starting a Linen Rental Program is Simple

Linen and textile rental programs are the core of our business. These are a few simple steps to how it works.

Introductory Meeting

We meet with your team to review current or anticipated linen needs and usage.

Intial Delivery

Within weeks (or days), we then deliver stock of clean linen products and other garments to your business.

Pick Up & Restock

Weekly (or more if needed), we pick up soiled garments and linens, launder thoroughly, then return items back to your stock area.

Linen Management

Your dedicated Route Rep monitors and maintains all textiles for your business and gets to know and anticipate your needs.

Regular Billing

You're billed based on your usage each week. You can monitor it all online, too.

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