The Role of Linens in Customer Service

Cleanliness is Key

According to hospitality experts, the food and customer service will bring diners back for more, it is the overall cleanliness of your establishment that drastically impacts your reputation and overall customer satisfaction. A clean restaurant is often one of the first things people talk about when recommending it to their peers, especially with the extra precautions we all are taking due to COVID-19. Customers expect quality service wherever they go, but now more than ever they also expect an overall clean and hygienic dining experience. When your restaurant has clean, high-quality linens along with high-quality food and customer service, you have customers for life. At Spin Linen,  we help you to ensure you get customers for life with our high-quality linen management services.

Spin Linen is Here For Our Local Food Service Industries

As members of the Omaha Restaurant Association, Iowa Restaurant Association, and Nebraska Restaurant Association, we are the linen management company that actually understands the impact that having clean linens has on your customers' perception of your establishment. When you have a reputation to maintain, Spin has you covered by supplying fresh, clean linens for your everyday use. Not only do we offer tablecloths, chefware, and cloth napkin rental and management, we also provide the option of customizable napkins for your unique restaurant or dining event needs. We will tailor all of your linens to fit the individual tables in your dining space, whether it be for your restaurant or facilitated event space. We appreciate that a linen service can be costly in this business, which is why Spin Linen makes it easy and affordable to manage your restaurant linen program. 

Kitchen and Bar Towel Rental Programs

Choosing Spin for your dining table linens will give your restaurant a clean look and feel. However, it’s important to make sure that cleanliness is consistent throughout all aspects of your establishment. With spills and messes imminent at any time, kitchen and bar towels are a necessity for every restaurant. Our cotton bar towels are built to last and can take on sticky bar tops, tables, and messy kitchen prep surfaces. In the front of house, our microfiber towels help you achieve superior cleanliness by trapping germs and bacteria, ensuring your surfaces are sanitary for your diners. Additionally, your towels are cleaned and sanitized with every pick up, fresh ones dropped off, and worn out or damaged ones are quickly replaced.

As stewards of the food & beverage industry, our Spin Dine team is ready to assist you for all of your food & beverage linen needs. Contact us today to get started!