Sustainability Practices at Spin Linen

Practicing Sustainability, Every Day

“Being Green” is more than just a saying at Spin Linen. Every day, we are constantly dedicated to ensuring that all of our processes are sustainable and will positively impact the environment.

In honor of Earth Day and Earth Week, check out some of the sustainability practices that we take part in to make sure we do our part in the Earth not “spinning” out of control.

Reusable Textile Products vs. Disposable Products

While the number of paper products recycled was at its highest in 2018, 68.2% according to the EPA, we must continue to do our part to not waste paper products. That’s why we provide our customers and our facilities with reusable textile products instead of disposable products. 

Work with Companies that Share the Same Values

In order to do our part in being sustainable, it takes a village. This is why we try to work with companies that value sustainability practices as much as we do. For example, whenever possible, we work with a chemical company that uses biodegradable products whenever possible.

Lower Cost, Higher Efficiency

At Spin Linen, we have spent a great deal of time trying to keep water, gas, and electricity use low. In order to keep this low, we are:

  • Switching our lighting to LED lighting
  • Continuously managing our wastewater in an efficient manner

Work with a Sustainable Linen Provider Today

Interested in having linens that are taken care of in the most sustainable way possible, while still delivering them in the highest quality? Contact us today to get started!