Core Values at Spin Linen

Company Culture Keeps Us Spinning

Spin Linen is an ever-evolving work-in-progress.  We are constantly trying to grow and improve – not only our company but our company culture and core values as well. We are a team of people that are passionately curious and want to make things better for our customers, our employees, and our community.     

Since 1932 we have been serving our community with one mindset, which is, “Don’t give customers a reason to look elsewhere.”  We  pride ourselves on being your local linen service provider that just offers more - more diverse products, services, and more committed and hard-working staff members who truly care.  

Our Core Values 

Our company culture is “dedicated to getting it done.” Curious about the qualities of our team that drive this dedication to great company culture? Check out our core values:


Integrity is at our core and means honesty always - honesty in what we say and what we do. This also means always doing the right thing for our employees and customers. We believe in direct and transparent communication, so that way you are never having to second guess where you stand. We are all human, and mistakes can and will happen. However, we want our employees and clients to know that we will always own and correct our mistakes, as well as forgive and forget any honest mistakes that happen within our team.

Customer Service

Great customer service can feel like a buzzword that a lot of employers and businesses claim to have these days, but do they really live up to that claim? At Spin Linen, we have a team of great people that genuinely care and deliver excellent customer service. We are accessible and responsive to our clients by being there when you need us 24/7. As a family-owned and operated business, when it comes to our employees, we treat them like members of our own family. Our team is empowered to approach leadership with questions or concerns, as well as make decisions and have a sense of urgency to handle client issues that come up immediately and efficiently.


The saying “teamwork makes the dream work” is true with our Spin Linen team. We utilize each other’s strengths and recognize our weaknesses to work together to make the team strong and efficient. No one is left second-guessing what their roles are, as we have clearly defined seats that put the right people in place to perform and work with others for solutions. No job is beneath us and everyone pitches in when needed to get the job done, and the phrase, “that’s not my job” does not apply to our team. One of our greatest strengths is the ability  to wear multiple hats which makes us empathetic to what it takes to make everything come together. 

We carry this core value of teamwork with our customers as well, where we actively pursue customers that align with our values. Like-minded partners make our jobs more enjoyable and enriching.


We don’t shy away from responsibility. We are hard workers and leaders who get it done. Every. Single. Day. Our team knows their role and their goals, and they are constantly striving to achieve these goals. In addition to owning our mistakes and making them right, we are always looking for solutions to problems and work diligently to correct issues. 


We never stop looking to improve our processes, whether it be improving our communication and employee training or  technology advancements and production improvement. It’s this strive for innovation that allows us to give our customers what they need in this constantly changing world, and it requires us to do things faster, more efficiently, more accurately, and with better communication with our customers and within our team. 

We Will Never Spin Out of Control With Our Amazing Team

With a commitment to these values, Spin Linen continues to be a leader in the markets we serve. We are committed to employee happiness and retention, and our recruitment processes to make sure we will never “spin” out of control. We are dedicated to the culture this “family” has built, and we will continue to nurture these beliefs to elevate us to the next level for many years to come.

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