5 Reasons to Rent Your Medical Linens Instead of Purchasing Your Own

In the medical industry, you are responsible for the health and safety of not only your patients and customers but your employees as well. This often comes with weighing the pros and cons of buying your own medical equipment or renting, and especially with the rising costs in healthcare facilities, we understand that businesses want to go with the cheapest option. That’s why Spin Linen provides a medical linen rental program that keeps your customers healthy and comfortable but won’t break your budget.

When it comes to inpatient care, often the smallest details make all the difference. With crisp sheets, fluffy towels, and high-end scrubs from our fully managed healthcare linen services, your patients will feel better faster, and you save yourself the headache of having to launder and manage your facility’s linens. 

Check out the side-by-side differences between customer-owned goods and renting goods for your healthcare business:

The Unknown Costs of Buying Your Own Equipment

Purchasing your own medical equipment may seem the easier route, but there are a few things you may not have considered, such as:

  1. High Upfront Costs: 
    1. You’re always buying, buying, buying. It’s expensive to get started, but it is a requirement so you need it. If you get the wrong type or size, you just lost money, and it may take more time to get the correct replacement. 
    2. You need to know and keep track of all the sizes/measurements of your employees for scrubs, and products like sheets, and towels.

When you choose to rent, there is no upfront cost! Plus, with Spin Linen, we keep records of the correct measurements of your employees to ensure the perfect fit for safety, as well as the right size sheets and towels, to provide a satisfying patient experience. 

       2. Maintenance is On You:

    1. Damaged goods are tedious and expensive to replace. Not to mention if you need repairs, there goes more time and money down the drain looking for someone reliable to repair your equipment and more money out of your pocket.
    2. Upgrades are your responsibility. When you have a business to take care of, you have a lot of other tasks throughout the day–this is just another thing added to your plate, and that poses the risk of it getting forgotten.

At Spin, your rentals will be upgraded more frequently–when we handle the laundry our professionals look over your linens to check for any damage or wear, and upgrade when needed.

            3. No Inventory Management:

    1. When you’re on your own for inventory management, you run the risk of having too much or too little of a product. Getting an overstock of one item may seem like a good thing–but it’s actually just a waste of money. And when you run out of a product, you’re now left scrambling to find more, taking you away from your other important business responsibilities. 
    2. Management is spending more time ensuring all medical goods are up to date and functional rather than running their business. That’s a lot on your plate!

When you rent linens from Spin, your route rep monitors your inventory and linen usage to ensure your costs are aligned and you never have too much or too little of something!

          4. Endless Laundry:

    1. Costs of constantly running laundry – it’s a financial and environmental issue. What if the machines break? Usually, when you do your own laundry, there are only a few washers and dryers available at a time. This can slow your business down when you’re waiting for a cycle to end to start another load.
    2. Who’s making time to do the laundry? Think of the pile of laundry you have at your own home. Now picture the pile you’d have at your business because you’re already making it through the other tasks you have to do. The truth is–the laundry would get pushed to the wayside.

We’ve been around since 1932, so we’ve perfected our laundry process! When you rent your linens from Spin, you know your laundry is safe with us and will be cleaned according to healthcare standards. We handle the pickup, cleaning, drying, sanitizing, bundling, and drop-off! Always efficient, and always on time. 

            5. Healthcare Compliance:

    1. Medical linens and garments often have cleaning and sanitizing requirements, are you prepared to manage that? What kind of process would you create to ensure all linens are meeting healthcare standards?

We take healthcare linen processing very seriously because we are one of only two HLAC-certified linen facilities in Nebraska and the only one that focuses on rental. We value patient safety by preparing uniforms, washing, sanitizing, packaging, and distributing linens by HLAC standards.

There’s a lot to keep track of when you’re in charge of your own medical linens, which is why renting makes more sense for your business. Our Spin Care team will adapt to fit the needs of your facility, giving our healthcare customers a product no one else can offer. When you partner with Spin Linen, you’ll feel the clean difference in renting medical goods.

Let’s Go For a Spin 

When you partner with Spin Linen, your sheets will stay crisp, your scrubs pressed, and your towels always fluffy at no extra cost to you. Spin Linen has been around for over 90 years, so we are aware of the challenges and expectations you face in the medical industry. Let the Spin Care team handle the demands of pickup, cleaning, and delivery multiple times per week. We ensure you get the most for your buck. 

We’re ready to tackle your laundry list. Contact Spin Linen today and get started with your medical linen rental program!