Spread Joy, Not Germs

It’s that time of year, again. The days are shorter, the neighbors set out their massive holiday displays, and there seems to be magic in the air. Along with runny noses, coughing, and mucus. 

Nobody wants to spread germs, especially during the holidays. It may seem inevitable that you’ll catch some sort of illness—but at Spin Linen, we take cleanliness measures seriously to prevent the spread of germs and any risk of cross-contamination. 

Giving the Gift of Cleanliness

Just like in the North Pole, Spin Linen works hard to get special packages delivered on time! 

During the winter months, the spreading of germs and cross-contamination on linens is at a higher risk due to all the illnesses. Being HLAC-Certified, it’s important for our worker elves to follow the guidelines of correctly cleaning and sanitizing your laundry. This ensures that there is no cross-contamination when you open your delivery!

Let’s break down Spin Linen’s laundering process so you know all the precautions we take to ensure your textiles make it back to you fresh as snow!

  1. When dirty laundry arrives at the warehouse, our team members are in masks and gloves to reduce the risk of bloodborne or airborne pathogens from the linens. 
  2. Linens are washed with similar items in our tunnel washer at 165 degrees. The tunnel washer is specifically designed for an 8-module process where soiled goods go through one end, and exit out the other in the clean finishing area.  
  3. Spin Linen’s warehouse is monitored daily to ensure that there is proper airflow–this is crucial to prevent cross-contamination. 
  4. Ironers are kept to 300 degrees and temps are monitored daily. 
  5. The textiles are then inspected and packaged to keep them sanitized. Anything ripped, torn, or stained is discarded and replaced. 
  6. Plant managers conduct quality checks at random every day to ensure that everything leaves in perfect condition.
  7. Carts that transport lines to and from the trucks are chemically sprayed, preventing any cross-contamination between soiled and sanitized goods.
  8. When loading trucks there is proper distance between solid and clean linens. 

The clean linens are then on their way back to you!

Just like Santa Claus, our jolly truck drivers take care of our packages full of clean linens and uniforms, and go out no matter the weather! All to give you the gift of cleanliness for your business. When you see headlights beaming through the early morning–know that Spin Linen soon will be there! 

A Clean Space is a Healthy Space

In medical facilities, it’s especially important that linens are properly cleaned. When staying at a hospital, patient comfort is a big concern. But hospitals handle a variety of situations and emergencies, and depending on the patient, preventing the transmission of infections and illnesses could mean life or death.  

All used linen in healthcare facilities should be treated as contaminated, as they could pose a risk to healthcare workers, patients, and those handling the laundry. There is actually a minimum temperature that linens from healthcare facilities should be washed and sanitized to clean the linen of certain pathogens. 

At Spin Linen, we’ll handle all your hospital linen needs; keeping your textiles not just comfortable, but properly cleaned. Our Spin Linen elves will handle pickup, cleaning, and delivery multiple times a week. It’s like Christmas magic–but all year long!

Peace, Joy, and Spin!

Visions of germs and illnesses dancing in your head? Don’t let the winter season turn you into a Scrooge. Spin Linen’s route drivers are dashing through the snow to deliver your clean linens. 

Is your current linen provider HLAC-certified? If not, there could be a risk of cross-contamination with your laundry. Contact Spin today!