Clean and Safe Medical Linens: Inside Spin Linen’s Process

In the healthcare industry, maintaining strict standards for cleanliness and safety is essential. Here at Spin Linen, we are a leading local provider of medical linens for Nebraska and Iowa. In fact, we stand out as one of the two HLAC-certified linen facilities in the state.

Our Spin Care division is exceptional because we adhere to these strict cleanliness standards. We ensure quality at every step, from sorting to washing techniques and plant protocols. 

HLAC Standards for Medical Linen Rentals

At Spin, our medical linens and scrubs undergo a precise and standardized process aligned with rigorous HLAC standards. This approach aids hospitals and healthcare facilities in reducing cross-contamination and significantly enhances patient safety. Let’s take a closer look at the steps we follow to ensure our linens are impeccably clean:

Soil Sorting

Our process begins with our soil sorters. They wear protective masks, puncture-resistant gloves, and specially designed clothing that protects against bloodborne and airborne pathogens. 


Once sorted, the linens undergo a specialized 8-module tunnel washing process. To keep everything clean, we wash items together at a high temperature (165°F) to avoid mixing dirty and clean items. This process ensures thorough cleaning of all items.  

Plant Protocols

The plant itself adheres to strict hygiene measures. Proper airflow and air handlers are in place to prevent cross-contamination. Ironers operating at 300°F further ensure a deep clean.

Daily monitoring of temperatures guarantees proper sterilization levels. Spin’s staff undergoes ongoing training to uphold quality standards. The plant manager regularly checks products for any stains, tears, or rips. 

Post-Wash Packaging

We package the linens carefully after processing to ensure they are clean and hygienic when they reach their destination. 

Truck Loading

Our workers separate dirty and clean linens carefully to prevent any contamination during the loading process. Furthermore, we chemically spray the carts used for transferring goods to the trucks daily to ensure thorough sanitization. 

Spin’s Commitment to Cleanliness and Safety

In an industry where patient safety is critical, the Spin Care team dedicates itself to delivering clean and safe medical linens for our community.  For healthcare facilities seeking out a local, reliable linen provider, contact us today!