Are Your Medical Garments Actually Clean?

If you work in a healthcare facility, your number one priority is keeping patients safe from healthcare-associated infections. These infections and pathogens commonly live on medical scrubs and healthcare linens, which makes it of utmost importance to ensure that they are properly cleaned and sanitized. Some national companies will throw around terms like “hygienically clean,” without truly understanding what that means. Read more about what hygienically clean means and how we make sure your uniforms are maintained to that high standard.

What Does “Hygienically Clean” Really Mean?

The true definition of being hygienically clean is that your facility executes “best management practices in laundering.” This includes a dedication to being safety standard compliant and delivering sanitized uniforms and linens on a regular, consistent schedule.  In addition, your organization has to pass an independent, third-party inspection that confirms that your employees are properly trained, managers understand the legal requirements, the facility is compliant with OSHA, and the plant operates effectively.

Simply cleaning soiled uniforms and linens does not automatically make them “hygienically clean,” there is a proven process to it to help ensure patient safety.

The Importance of “Hygienically Clean” for Patient Safety

During the COVID-19 pandemic, sanitization was one of the key ways to fend off the virus. This concept is also key in ensuring that any virus does not live on surfaces for an extended period of time. Having proper sanitization also can prevent germs and infectants from living on your uniforms and linens. Did you know that pathogens such as MRSA can survive on common surfaces for up to 90 days if not treated effectively?

At Spin Linen, you can rest assured that when we sanitize and clean, it is truly up to the standards.

Take Us for a Spin, Receive True Hygienically Clean Garments

While many may consider the term “hygienically clean” as a buzzword, we take pride in knowing that we are providing true hygienically clean uniforms and linens to you. Our HLAC-certification ensures that garments are sanitized and will always achieve a 99.9% reduction of bacteria and pathogens. When you take us for a spin, you will have confidence in knowing that your garments will receive premium treatment, unlike the big guys.

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